What are proxies?

The proxy option is found in the computer`s internet settings, and this option is used for protecting your computer from unauthorized access of your information. Proxies function as barriers that give you opportunity to visit websites and look at different information, but proxies protect your desktop or laptop computer from websites that want to get your personal information. Proxies work as filters and proxy servers are helpful protectors. When you connect to the proxy server you are requesting connection to some website. Then the proxy server will filter your request so the verified request is sent to the other server. Finally, you receive the filtered information without your information being accessed by the website you are visiting.

Remember that proxies are there to protect your information, but proxies are also blocking certain websites with bad content. Many companies, corporations and other businesses are using proxy servers as a way of protection. They use proxies to prevent employees from visiting specific websites and for protecting business information from leaking out or being compromised by some website. Proxies come in different types and serve different purposes as well. Web proxies are used to filter inappropriate internet content. Web proxies can also be used for checking out bandwidth usage. Cashing proxies are used for speeding up the web requests. They work by keeping copies from most commonly accessed resources. They can be very helpful because they can significantly increase performance and overall speed of your computer. If you want to make your internet activity fully anonymous then you need to use anonymizing proxies. However, you should know that despite surfing anonymously the proxy server can still get your information. Another form of proxy server is the hostile proxy, which is often used for gathering information about the online forms you have filled in or websites that you have accessed.

In addition to the mentioned types of proxies, there are many other proxies as well but they are not as often used as the mentioned proxy servers. Remember that main goal behind using proxies is to limit the information that is accessed and tracked by the websites. Proxies are mostly used by companies that want to protect their computers, but they are also commonly used in private homes too. Usually parents that want to limit their children`s internet activities and protect them from bad Internet influences use proxies on their home computers. Example of this is when parents block adult content such as MatureTubeDates, the children must use proxies to access the website.

Businesses in the industry of internet marketing often use proxies for checking out their handling data capabilities. Sometimes there are limitations which some proxies get with certain IP addresses, but proxies are used for changing the IP address. By using this method those businesses without too many servers can better handle their data at all times.

Now you probably have a general idea about how proxies work and what is their main purpose. Learn more about different types of proxies and then you will know how to protect yourself when surfing online. Proxies come with numerous advantages, so get informed and you will avoid many problems.

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