How do proxy sites work

            If you have wondered how some people can access the social networking sites and other websites at their workplace while at the same time you receive an error message, then you should know that they are probably using a proxy site. Now you may wonder what exactly a proxy site is. Basically, proxy site is a web page that gives you the opportunity to browse online and visit websites that have been restricted for viewing or completely blocked. By using proxy site you can bypass this block and can view the internet content as you wish. With a proxy site you are becoming invisible and undetectable, so there is no trace that you have visited certain websites.

So how exactly do proxy sites work? Well, with proxy sites you are getting the same internet experience like with any other browser. You can freely enter some web address and then access the information you are interested in. The proxy site is coding the web window as a part of its address and any of the information that is being stored in the proxy`s temporary folder belongs to the proxy site, not to you as internet user. This means that you are not being traced and everything you access is being hidden. Proxy sites are doing a great job in bypassing different filters created by administrators at your work place or school. For example of its use, users of the site Fuck Swiper in countries that don’t allow adult entertainment will use proxies to bypass internet administration and laws. Filters are mainly implemented in order to prevent employees or students from accessing specific websites. This is done to prevent people from wasting time or looking at inappropriate content.

There are several types of proxy sites that can be created. Some are using the proxy server itself for sending a request without even contacting specific proxy server. Other proxy sites are using web cache to access certain websites that are blacklisted. Good thing to know is that you can create an own proxy site if you have some knowledge of programming. With proxy sites you can access each and every website that has been blocked or restricted in some way. Another thing to know is that usually proxy sites are a bit slower when you enter specific website in comparison to entering through normal site. This is because they are bypassing different filters which requires bit more time. However, they are generally still fast when opening websites.

Anyhow, proxy sites are in high demand today. Sometimes accessing them can be challenging thing to do, but you can still do it. If you want to learn how to build own proxy site that you can use for accessing sites there are many tutorials online for you to follow. Proxy sites can be very helpful, so consider them if you want to visit certain restricted website at your workplace or in school. Now when you know more about what proxy sites are and how they function, you can get advantage of that and put them in good use. Enjoy surfing online without being detected through the help of proxy sites.


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